Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Update

As exhausted as I felt was a good day...a day of reflection. As many hours that my husband works, and as difficult as it can be everyday raising 2 lil ones, or the endless housework, or the preteen stage my step son has entered, its all for a greater purpose....LIFE! Living a life fulfilled, taking time to enjoy the moments of good, the precious time I have with ALL my children in one house!
You know Uncle Jake told her to put her hands up and she was all about it.
Today was a special day. Brooklyn and I were able to sneak off to what I was calling a "special lunch just me and you"...which was really a baby shower for a dear friend of mine. Eric and Nick had a special day just the two of them with football on the mind. Football game for Nick followed by a picnic for his upcoming tackle team in the fall. Both of them came back burnt little lobsters, but had a great guy day! My lil buggas got some one on one time with my sis in law. A little shout out to see, I grew up with ALL boys in my house and I had no concept of sisterhood. A mother's biggest fear in life is dieing (I know morbid, but bare with me) and not being able to show their children how much they LOVE them, the good the bad the whatever. My sister in law is someone I KNOW will love my children like I would! She would dress up with Brooklyn and paint her toenails...all the while playing in the dirt with lil Buggas. This woman is amazing! I'm paraphrasing here...from one of my mentor's (blogger/writer/mama/photographer) post recently...'the people who love your children carve out a special place in your heart'. Amen to that!
I am researching preschool options for Brooklyn...just part time, because mommy can't part with her just yet. Lil miss is quite mischievous, but I'm chalking it up to boredom, I can only teach her so much, I think she needs other children interaction.  I do plan to print out a bunch of homework based activities for her this week that we can do during buggas' nap time so she can be prepared for "school" in the Fall. She's super excited  about "school!"
Cute moments from Bugga this week. I taught him 'night night' and it comes out as nini! So precious. The best part is I say "okay Bugga say night night to daddy"....wait, and we wait, nothing, I walk out the door and he says "nini" its hilarious. As my sis in law stated today, "easiest baby in the history of babies."  My loves.
Brooklyn(almost 3), Jackson(nephew almost 2), and Jacob(nephew 5)
Bugga (1) Brooklyn and Jakie
Me and Jackson
Birthday precious nephew, he taught me I had the capacity to love my own children. You will always have a special spot in my heart, he is the best.

Have a wonderful week, and remember to smile, keep your head up, and live your life fulfilled!


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  1. Blog looks great Brianne. Pics cute as ever! Sonja