Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Update

I'm going at it alone...Eric is out of town for a few days this week and then for a few days next week. I've gotten pretty used to solo mommy hood because Eric works so much, not saying I won't NEED to use my extra weekly WW points on a LARGE glass of wine when daddy comes home though!

Brooklyn and Grant are in swim lessons for the next 2 weeks. Brooklyn in tadpoles and bugsy in parent/tot. It worked out that they are at the same time in the same pool (just a block from our house) sweetness! Now lets just hope all the hype I've been giving these swim lessons will work on Brooklyn and she'll be brave all by herself in the pool. We took the kids to a splash park today and bugsy was a little skeptical, but with the help of daddy, he giggled his way thru the water.

From our many adventures to the park and around our new neighborhood I see little glimmers of Brooklyn's 'big girl' personality. 'Big girl' is social and active. 'Big girl' is bossy and giggly. Its so interesting to watch your child interact with other children on the playground, from the first initial independent hello to the "NO boy can't leave he's my friend!" Speaking of friend...this evening after bath time bugsy was laying on the floor and Brooklyn ran up and laid next to him...put her arm around him and said "we're BEST friends"! I held it back, but I almost cried it was so darn cute!

Bugsy (yes its the forever changing nickname) as Nana Whipple describes him, is still SO "sweet natured." This baby boy is super sensitive, he does the classic investigative walk over to Brooklyn when she's in time out (checking on her), or the random open-mouthed kiss. He's quiet and happy, super inquisitive, always observing his surroundings looking for new things to learn. We are still in the shy needy phase, but I'm okay with that, since he's the LAST baby in this house.

I'm in love! That shy smile behind his towel, knowing he's safe in daddy's arms.

Here's to a happy sunny week! And then a LONG weekend yaaaay! What's everybody's plans for 4th of July weekend??

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