Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Design on my mind!

So Sara, remember her gorgeous house here, posted the other day about transitioning her boy's room from baby to 'big boy room'. And because I'm OBSESSED with interior design I put together a design board from the inspiration photos she posted.

Current Photo

Her Inspiration Ideas

My Design Board for the room.

Here's what I would do if I was her interior designer...ohhh fantasy world, where I have clients and day time babysitters!

1.Blue Curtains to bring color into the room because she doesn't want to paint.(Target) $75
2.Pops of red and chalkboard (because red is a fund color and chalkboard is great for kids) DIY.
3. License plate gallery wall above bed. DIY
4. Chalkboard picture frames(PB or DIY) above (Container Store$40) end table.
5. Striped Rugby Container Store bins (3) $45 w/shipping.
6. Add 2 Green key pillow from this Etsy shop $50 free shipping.
7. Pottery Barn sheeting.
8. Dark blue comforter/duvet cover (not same blue as curtains). 

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  1. Such great ideas!!!! I totally need to make a trip to ikea. I really want to start with a bed, so I know what size bedding to order from PB. Then I can get started. I may need some tips along the way. Can't wait to jump into this project! :) Thanks for your expert interior designer suggestions!