Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Watcha Eating Weight Watchers Wednesday

Weight Loss Total to date: 24lbs

I've been flirting with 4-5-8 lbs of weight loss for like 3 weeks. Plateau city! Up 5 lbs one day, down 7lbs the next. I'm fully aware I could lose 5lbs just by going potty (wow) but its still super frustrating. Over the weekend I was teetering up by like 8 lbs and I had just had enough! I know I'm building muscle, BUT its still super frustrating to work out A LOT, and be crazy hungry because you are working out, so I eat. ENOUGH! Not enough eating...just enough with this song and dance.

Insert Green Monster Movement, 6 Day Express Diet Plan-Beachbody! I discovered the Green Monster drinks last week and had been slowly implementing them into my daily food intake while experimenting with recipes. Beachbody Slim in 6 is a workout that incorporates cardio and strength training. I used to do the dvd's 6 years ago, and I loved them. So here is the version of the drink I like the best:

                                                    Image from Green Monster
2 Cups uncooked Spinach
1/2 cup Blueberries
1/2 Banana
1/3 Cup Almond Milk
1/3 Cup Atkins Chocolate Protein Shake
2 Ice Cubes (sometimes)
1 Tsp Flax Seed Oil

Weight Watcher Points end up being like 2-3 if that!
And HONESTLY its good. There's something about drinking something GREEN that just makes you feel good the whole day.

About 6 years ago when I had another major weight loss I went on this Beach Body Diet Plan on and off. And it WORKED. It messes with my metabolism, sort of a life support jolt. Back then I had lost 50lbs. BUT my goals are bigger this time around. AND what feels good is that I have 9 lbs to lose and I would be at what I weighed at my lowest 6 years ago, when I first met my husband. The bigger goals are for me to hit the weight I was in highschool, its not an unhealthy weight, or an unrealistic weight, its a weight I feel the most comfortable at in my own skin. And who knows maybe once I hit that weight I might try to train to get lower. Dream BIG people!

Here is an example of what I'm eating this week on the 6 Day Diet Plan:

Wake Up: 8oz water
Am Workout: 20-60 Minutes of Cardio
Water & Supplements
Breakfast: Green Monster Drink or 1 cup Cereal 1/2 Banana
Water 8oz
AM Snack: Apple cut up with 1 TBSP Peanut Butter
Water 8oz
Lunch-2 Cups Spinach Salad (see recipes below)
Water 8oz Supplements
PM Snack-Protein Bar or 2 Cups Light Popcorn or Protein Drink
Water 8oz
PM Workout-30-60 Minutes Cardio w/Strength Training
Dinner: 4 oz Meat, 2 Cups (Asparagus, Salad, really any leafy green veg) and 1 cup Fruit

This comes in like 10 points under my daily allowance of WW points. Do you know how gratifying that is!? So I'm on day 2 and it really feels like I eat ALL day, but its ALL good stuff. I'm only doing this for 6 days because working out twice a day and eating this often is A LOT of dedication with 2 kids, but its teaching me things about myself (like I LOVE SPINACH SALADS or IT IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE TO WORKOUT WITH YOUR KIDS)! Brooklyn did an entire 20 minute walk workout that was on our DVR and she loved every minute of it. Score! Teaching good habits early, triple score on the mama board!

Side note: I never talk about being on a diet or how I need to lose weight, I want my children to just eat GOOD and exercise because its OUR lifestyle.

In a few weeks I'll post some Before and After pics.

Spinach Salad Recipes:

Lemon Salmon Spinach Salad
1/2 a cucumber cut
2 Cups Spinach
1 Lemon Juices
Salt to taste
7 oz Lemon Herb Salmon (I buy them individually frozen and heat in micro before I eat lunch, 9 WW points)

Morningstar Turkey French Spinach Salad
2 Turkey/Veg Patties (5 WW pts)
1/2 Cucmber cut up
2 Cups Spinach
2 TBSP Fat Free French Dressing (1 WW point)

Here are some funny motivational quotes from Weight Watchers Online....

“The weight didn’t arrive from the Fat Fairy last night, and the Skinny Fairy isn’t coming tonight, either.” — Miscelena1.

“If we defend our habits, we have no intentions of breaking them.” — Judy P.

“No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping the [person] sitting on the couch.” — Stephanie H.

This week's food discovery.

MorningStar Burgers

Yummy! No seriously, they are good.
90 Calories
WW Points-5 (2 Burgers)



  1. I need to lose few pounds, but it's so hard to start.. We don't have Weight watchers here, maybe I will just follow what you do :))

  2. Good for you girlie! It feels so good to start seeing results!!!