Friday, September 9, 2011


Fall by far is the best season! Here are some of the reasons I heart Fall so much...

1. Apple Orchards, Pumpkin Patches, Cider Mills.

We've already hit 2 this year, and I know there are many more to come. Today we ventured to It was AMAZING! I had never been to this one before and I was thrilled. So MUCH for the kids to do. CLEAN bathrooms. Corn maze. And hay rides. I give this one a 10 out of 10!

Last weekend we went to This one I would rate an 8 out of 10. There are farm animals, tractor rides, and yummy donuts. The only complaint I would have is the wait time for the tractor ride...little kids equals impatience, and the driver was completely unaware.

2. Boots

J Crew

Tory Burch


Michael Kors

If I was a gazillionaire I would totally have one of each! Until then I will just drool over their fabulousness.

3. an adult they kind of suck. BUT I LOVE the holidays. The food, the gathering, family time. Greatfulness is in abundance this time of year. If it were just up to me I would already have my house decked in Christmas decor!

4. The weather. I no longer sweat every second. Michigan is so funny, last Friday it was 100 degrees, today 75 degrees, yesterday 60 degrees. Welcome to a Michigan Fall.

5. Crossing off more from my Dirty 30 List!

1. Lose 50+ lbs. (I have lost 27 so far, yahoooo!!!!!)
2. Take a weekend trip out of state with my husband....NO kids!!

Nashville Trip in October!
3. Start up an interior design business.
4. Buy a pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans, a Shabby Apple dress, a pair of sex heels, and UGG Boots (that fit).
5. Have something I've written published.
6. Go wine tasting in California, heck spend an entire month in CA.
7. Go away for Christmas
8. Have my hair professionally colored.

July this summer...of course my hair looks different now.

9. Take a vacation with my husband and kids to Jackson Hole and Disney.
10. Rent a house in Malibu or Laguna Beach on the water.
11. Make 5 new friends.
12. Gain, bribe, or plead to reach 100 followers.
13. Help other mothers somehow.
14. Go hiking up a mountain.
15. Ride a bike 50 miles in one day.
16. Be able to consider myself a runner.
17. Host a monthly girls night in.
18. Rejuvenate/paint/upholster a piece of already owned furniture.
19. Have both kids sleep thru the night on a consistent basis!
20. Open an etsy shop.
21. Learn how to golf well.
22. Take Brooklyn to get a pedicure and take lots of pictures.
23. Take Grant to something boy ish (professional soccer game) and take lots of pictures.
25. Surprise my husband.
26. Go sailing.
27. Have business/blog cards made.
28. Go to a Michael Buble concert, a Tim McGraw concert, and another John Mayer concert, heck go to MORE concerts!
29. Be more patient and appreciative of my husband.
30. Host monthly themed dinner parties.
31. Keep working on my hard exterior...I want people to meet me and think...'what a pleasant spiritual person'.

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