Thursday, August 25, 2011

Itching to Design

There are days as a STAY AT HOME MOM that I want nothing more than to snuggle with my babies, stop and listen to their small voices, and breath in all the moments I have with them. And then there are other days I think about what it would be like to start doing my passion....INTERIOR DESIGN. I love both aspects of who I am right now in my life, but it would be tough to juggle both. So for now I have my house and hopefully a room or two in my mom's new develop my style as a designer.

Master Bedroom:

Here is the blank canvas now.
4 Men 1 Lady


Apartment Therapy

I REALLY want to try a striped wall behind our bed. And I've recently purchased a MadeByGirl print that will hang center above our bed. Need new/thrifted side tables.

The other side of the room, has a large leather chair and ottoman.
Need to get some fabric and have some curtains made for our large window.
Hoping to get to this before our 5th Wedding Anniversary coming up mid October!
Next week I'll show you my summer Etsy purchases scattered around the house.

What would I call my design company? Would I stick with 700 Sq Ft Design? Or BGW Designs (my initials, but also my kids initials)? Hmmmmm?

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