Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weekly Update-Grass is not Always Greener

Not too many adventures this week, we stuck around home a lot. I purchased a bike trailer for the kids to ride in while I change up my morning walk routine to bike rides. Craiglist is the bees knees yo! First few days the kids weren't thrilled, but today was better (Baby G napped and Brooklyn looked thru a book), which means I was able to hit 8 miles today, yahoo! There's something about starting your day having exercised already that you feel accomplished even if you have a HUGE list of other things to cross of the to do list.

I started reading a book that was recommended by our cousin Kelly (1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp). So far I already know its going to change my life! With the obvious title...yes I have started my list of 1000 things I am grateful HE has gifted me. I'm really looking forward to the journey of reading this book and of acknowledging the things I am grateful for.

1. Afternoon cooking with my little girl, listening to music.
2. Sunny days, where the kids run and play in the water.
3. Random hugs from my baby boy.
4. The smell of Fall in the air.
5. Homemade cookies.

As I read and the kids played outside today I was able to take a look at my life in a sort of outer body experience, and it was good. It was calm. Everyone has those awful awkward days that never seem to bring light or pleasure, but in the end the grass is not always greener. Yes, I don't sleep much, I rarely have time to myself, the to do list is never quite done, the house is never quite as clean as I'd like it, BUT my life is good. I have food, shelter, love, air, light, and love.

 Nothing better than sleeping babies!
Afternoon bath, because mama's weird about dirt and babies.

Take stock of the good from your life, stop focusing on the negative. Find a state of contentedness. Both my husband and I are big dreamers and so WE want a life of little compromise, which in my book is fine unless the journey there is full of resentment, strain, and unhappiness.

Sorry for the deep and heavy, just that kind of day!

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