Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekly Update

Last week was a pretty chill week. So chill I didn't take any pictures since the last update. BUT I will take you down memory lane and show some oldies.

Baby Brooklyn Halloween 2008

3 Months

4 Months
9 Months

Baby Grant

6 Months
This time last year.


All the hoopla of back to school time is definitely bringing to my consciousness that I only have these lil ones under my wing for so long. It seems like that time is slipping by each day. Trying to stay aware of this amidst the dirty diapers, random fits, and ear infections are certainly difficult.

This past weekend I had an utterly annoying moment....picture this....Eric is off at a football scrimmage with Nick (so I'm alone again). I have to take G to Urgent Care because he has a crazy high fever and mama instinct is telling me he has an ear infection. I start the car...AND all those things you put off during the week chime in at once. So my car is just dinging away at me. It was so annoying I just had to laugh! I needed gas, had a low tire, and needed an oil change. So ANNOYING. I scurry the children to the doctors and sure enough, EAR INFECTION. Poor lil man had a 104.5 temperature, so high that the doc wanted us to stick around and make sure the Motrin kicked in and his temp went down. So antibiotics picked up from pharmacy and back to business as usual. Oil change, gas station, diaper run, etc. Riveting weekend activities.

Still reading 1000 Gifts and its still changing my awareness of life. Again, SUPERB recommendation Kelly.
6. Stranger kindness
7. The smell of firewood
8. Catching a great song on the radio
9. Dryer smell from outside
10. Music

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