Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Letter to the moms I met today!

I'm a stay at home by choice. Which is quite interesting because I hate being home. I'd rather be hiking, at a cider mill, the zoo, anything that doesn't involve cleaning up mess after mess all day long. I'm loving these precious memories we are making, but loathe the boredom. So when a day comes along that we don't have any plans, I panic. Insert Jungle Java today.

I have these grand intentions of reading a book, sipping on my skinny caramel latte, while my children play independently, win win for everyone. Except what ends up happening is I'm on my feet the whole time saying "Brooklyn be nice, don't be so bossy", or "Oh hey Buggy, what a big boy you are climbing with the big kids!" Today was different. Today they played by themselves, B found friends and Grant roamed the landscape like a champ. Okay there was one 'my foot's stuck' incident that was quite dramatic, in that I had to find him in the jungle maze and conquer my fear of heights, all the while being super positive and reassuring him he was ok! But I digress!

Today I met MY kinda moms. It's one of those times (which does not happen often for me) where we just clicked. Immediately looking after one each other's child, immediately giving praise for having our kids so close in age, or having twin almost 5 year old boys...god bless her! AND the best part....they actually paid attention to their children. I'm sorry but I don't understand the mom's who come to these play places and totally check out. So I was amazed to find so many of the moms today engaged and talkative. I guess when your desperate for adult conversation, love your kids, but sometimes they drive you nutty, it shows all over your face.

So today I want to say thank you. Thank you moms for restoring my faith in other moms, in friends, in the power of being open to having a great afternoon. Thank you for giving my girl a high five when she's proud she made it down the slide and thank you for helping me locate my lost 'my foot's stuck' child in the under 7 children's play place. You are rock stars! And now I'm gonna kick myself for a month for not exchanging information before the chaos took over.

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