Monday, September 24, 2012

Last Week

I was expecting last week to be horrific. With the husband away for 5 days, I braced myself for constant fighting and boring afternoons. Well I was WRONG! I had the best week of my life. We took each day as it came, I even left the house a few times with laundry to do and dishes in the sink (something I have a ridiculously hard time doing). It felt remarkable. There was still the usual meltdowns and fits, but something just jived.

The very special part of the whole week was Brooklyn meeting what I'm sure will be her husband one day! :) It started off as a normal Friday morning with a trip to the park. As soon as we arrive at the park, Brooklyn did her up to any random kid and say 'hey, you wanna be my friend." Most kids don't quite know how to react to her forwardness, but this very special boy, said yeah, and off they went. Fortunately, I was having such a great week which allowed me the extra patience I needed when they wanted to venture to all 3 different areas of the park. So Grant and I followed along while they spoke their own language and raced each other with beaming smiles. Me carrying Brooklyn's bike and Grant just happy to be outside.

Two hours later and multiple conversations with his grandparents, the children were married off! With hopes of seeing each other next week they parted ways which entailed Edward(thats what I'm calling him) walking my girl all the way to her door. As he ran back to his grandparents, they both turn around and start running back to each other for one last hug. It was the best! Here's to hoping for another amazing week.
OH and the BEST part, its Fall here. By far the top season for me and my kiddos. Our local newspaper did an article on Apple Orchards in the surrounding counties. You best believe I'll be checking each and every one off this year!

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